NAME: Yvar Emilian Mikhashoff (Ronald Mackay)

March 8, 1941, Troy, New York

October 11, 1993, Buffalo, New York

Photo: Justin Beal

  Anthony de Mare, piano
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    Pianist, Composer, Dancer, Impresario

    Studies at Eastman School of Music, The Juilliard School, University of Houston, University of Texas, Austin.
    D.M.A. in Composition, University of Texas (1972).
    Principal teachers: Armand Basil, Adele Marcus, Beveridge Webster.
    Faculty member, State University of New York at Buffalo, from 1973 until his death. Co-founder and director of the university's North American New Music Festival.

    Internationally known both as an interpreter of 20th century piano works and as a performer/curator of American music, Yvar Mikhashoff performed at many of the world's leading music festivals, including the Warsaw Autumn Festival, Zagreb Biennale, Holland Festival, Ars Musica/Brussels, Numus Festival/Denmark, Huddersfield Festival/England, Music Nova/Brazil, and Pan Music Festival/Korea. He also appeared as piano soloist with major orchestras in the United States, South America, and Europe.

    Mikhashoff studied at the Eastman and Juilliard Schools and the University of Houston, and received his Doctorate in Composition from the University of Texas in 1972. He was Professor of Music at the University at Buffalo from 1973 until his death, Associate Director of the Almeida Festival in London, Artistic Advisor to the Music Factory in Bergen/Norway, and Co-founder/Artistic Director of the North American New Music Festival. Composers who wrote for him included John Cage, Lukas Foss, Christian Wolff, Henry Brant, Sylvano Bussotti, Per Norgaard, Luis de Pablo, and Conlon Nancarrow. Over one hundred composers wrote three-minute tangos for his International Tango Collection. The Austrian government awarded him the Arbeiterkammerpreis in 1989. He also received Fulbright scholarships for study in Denmark and Argentina.

    Mikhashoff was very active as a recording artist, with releases on the Nonesuch, CRI, Mode, Spectrum, Paula, EMI, and New Albion labels. He recorded for every major broadcast center in Europe as well as for Radio Hong Kong and NHK/Tokyo.
    —adapted from Ivar Mikhashoff Trust (used with permission)


  • Arranged alphabetically within genre. Incomplete works and sketches not included.
    Taken from the University at Buffalo Music Library's listings prepared by Matthew J. Sheehy. Buffalo's on-line version gives more complete annotations including premieres. Indexes of titles and authors of texts available in print version: An Annotated Catalogue of the Yvar Emilian Mikhashoff Musical Compositions and Transcriptions in the Music Library, SUNY at Buffalo.


    Assyrian march (piano version)
    date: 195?
    note: Identified by the composer as his first composition.
    note: Later orchestrated for band.

    Charlie's Waltz
    date: 1990

    Elemental figures
    date: 1990
    Movements: I. Diviner — II. Shaman — III. Sybil

    Hummel pieces
    date: 1959-60
    Movements: Allegro eroti; Andalucian night; Devil's toccata; Will o' the wisp

    Lassan in A minor, or, Gypsy's Lament
    date: 1955

    The Long eyes of Earth
    date: 1975, rev. 1981
    duration: 8:20

    Nocturne of life and death: "Les preludes"
    date: 1955
    note: Orchestrated for band and entitled Nocturne after Lamartine.

    Piano sonata
    date: 1966
    Movements: I. — II. Morning music — III. Sports et divertissements

    Platero y yo
    date: 1967
    Movements: Platero — Nostalgia — The canary dies — Flame — The Lullaby — The canary escapes


    Afternoon pieces / Afternoon sonata "Echo and Narcissus"
    for: Oboe, Piano
    date: 1964
    Movements: Song for Narcissus — Aria and dance for Echo

    Block Island wedding cake waltz
    for: Oboes (2), Clarinets (2), Bassoons (2), Horns (2)
    date: 1993

    Canto and Fugue, violin solo
    for: Violin
    date: 1969

    Cycle of Hungarian gypsy songs
    for: Violin
    date: 195-?

    Dances for Davia
    for: Flute, Piano
    date: 1958
    Movements: Overture — Waltz for a rainy day — Amy's piece — Sergei's bourree no. 1 — Yellow waltz — Gypsy dance — Sad doll — Tag, and tired
    Published: Southern Music Company

    Dances for Davia, second set
    for: Flute, Piano
    date: 1979
    Movements: I. Prelude for a princess — II. Humming Song — III. David's Pavane — IV. Sergei's Bourrée no. 2 — V. Silver waltz — VI. Magic wind-dance — VII.The song of the blue fairy — VIII. Grand Finale

    Evening dances
    for: Violin, Piano
    date: 1984
    Movements: El grito — Me han traido una caracola — Mickey's hour waltz

    Ferrara dances
    for: Violoncellos (3)
    date: 1991
    Movements: I. Libra (passo degli cigni ricenti) — Fragment A (frammento degli gritone neri) — II.Libra (passo degli) — Fragment B (frammento degli grifone azzuni) — III. Cancer (Passo della morte/passo delle tre parche) — IV. Leo (passo de Gobbo Bomarzo)

    Flowers for Joan Mitchell
    for: Violin, Percussion, Piano
    date: 1988
    Movements: I. Sunflowers — II. No daisies — III.Bluet, bluet, bluet — IV. Two sunflowers

    Light from a distant garden (deploration: in memoriam Poul Rovsing April 30 Olsen)
    for: Violins (2), Viola, Violoncello
    date: 1983

    Little of the bandit's soul: a farce in seven scenes wherein various illustrious composers encounter remarkable devices and have strange revelations
    for: Violin, Piano
    date: 1979
    Movements: Scene I, In which Francis Poulenc makes a daring escape from the Keystone Kops — Scene II, In which Maurice Ravel dances with a Spanish princess — Scene III, In which Sergi [sic] Prokofiev meets a real live gavotte — Scene IV, In which Gabriel Fauré plays a sonatina for Melisande while she spins — Scene V, In which Alberto Ginastera sees the Northern Lights and dances a rude tango — Scene VI, In which Ottorino Respighi falls asleep beside a fountain, under a pine, and dreams of a nightingale — Scene VII, In which Sergi [sic] Rachmaninov sees penguins in front of his house and writes a concerto.

    Night Dances, version 1
    for: Violin, Viola, Violoncello
    date: 1985

    Night Dances, version 2
    for: Piccolo, Alto Flute, Trumpets (2), Trombones (3), Percussion, Piano
    date: 1985
    Movements: I. Bolero — II. Milongo — III. Processional — IV. Huapango — Coda

    Nocturne, for violoncello and piano
    for: Violoncello, Piano
    date: 1978

    Pipes of Colchis
    for: Clarinet, Piano
    date: 1973
    Movements: The kaval (Bulgaria) — The zurna (Turkey) — The nay (Rumania) — The monaulos (Greece)

    Prelude, fugue (6 voices)
    for: Violin, Piano
    date: 195-?

    Prelude, variations and fugue
    for: Violoncello
    date: 1977

    Nocturne after Lamartine
    for: Flute, Bassoon, Horn, Cymbals, Harp, Strings
    date: 1955
    note: This is an orchestration of Nocturne of life and death, signed "MacKay."

    Partita, for solo oboe
    for: Oboe
    date: 1964
    duration: 9:20

    Rhapsodie hongroise (a contest of virtuosity)
    for: Violoncello, Piano
    date: 1957

    Sonnet, for violin and piano
    for: Violin, Piano
    date: 1964
    note: Sub-title reads: "In which Dimitri Shostakovich is seen dancing with many penguins in front of Rachmaninoff's house."

    Three dirges
    for: Trombone, Piano
    date: 1966
    Movements: Grave — Lento — Larghetto

    Tiento para el espejo de Narciso
    for: Voice, Flute, Viola, Saxophone
    date: 1972

    Twilight dances
    for: Violin, Double bass, Percussion (2 players), Piano
    date: 1986
    Movements: I. Bear Dance [NYAGWAI] — II. Buffalo Dance [DEGIYAGO] — III. Processional [DEGIYAGO II] — IV. Shaking-a-squash [GASHEDONDADON]


    Concerto, for piano and orchestra
    for: Piano, Orchestra
    date: 1957-59

    Concerto (no. 1), for piano with winds and percussion
    for: Piano, Flutes (3), Oboes (2), English horn, Clarinets (2), Bassoon, Saxophone, Horns (4), Trumpets (4), Trombones (3), Percussion (6), Celeste, Harp, Double bass (2)
    date: 1965
    Movements: Largamente — Allegro Giusto — Adagio — Allegro Giusto

    Concerto, for viola and orchestra
    for: Viola, Orchestra
    date: 1968

    Concerto, for viola and orchestra [revised]
    for: Viola, Orchestra
    date: 1976

    Northern Rhapsody, for piano and orchestra
    for: Piano, Orchestra
    date: 195-?
    note: This is marked "opus 1."

    Poem, for flute and orchestra
    for: Flute, Orchestra
    date: 1957-58

    Prelude, Gavotte
    for: Orchestra
    date: 195-?

    Tango caprice
    for: Strings
    date: 195-?

    Variations, for piano, harp, and orchestra, with violin obbligato
    for: Piano or Harp, Orchestra
    date: 195-?


    Au jardin de l'infante
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1967
    Movements: Apporte les cristaux dorés — Frêle comme un harmonica — Lune de cuivre; parfums lourds — Les grands jasmins épanouis

    Beggar's songs
    for: Voice, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: 1. Offering (Carl Sandburg) — 2. Rebuff (Carl Sandburg) — 3. The white birds (W. Butler Yeats) — 4. Prelude — 5. Alms (Anna Morrow Lindbergh) — 6. Beggars (John Ackerman-Jones) — 7. A time of waiting (Robert Graves) — 8. Epilogue (Carl Sandburg)

    Canciones de Lorca, soprano and piano
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: El canto quiére sur Luz — El Grito — El marino en la orilla — Me han traido una carcola

    Canciones de Lorca, soprano and piano; revised
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1970
    Movements: El canto quiére sur Luz — El marino en la orilla — El Grito — Caracola
    Texts are by Federico García Lorca.
    note: This is a transposed and re-ordered version of the 1969 Canciones de Lorca. There is also a different final song.

    Come away, death
    for: Voice, Flute, Harpsichord
    date: 197?

    Canon to Webern
    for: Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Flute, Clarinet
    date: 1976

    Ed è subito sera, for voice and piano
    for: Voice, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: I. Frutta erbaggi (fruits and greens) / Umberto Saba — II.Novembre (November) /Aldo Palazzeschi — III.Ed è subit sera (and suddenly it's evening) / Salvatore Quasimodo — IV.La venta Paizzetta / Sandro Penna

    Elis Sonata Nr.1
    for: Soprano/Baritone or Bassoon, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: I. [Elis, wenn die Amsel im schwarzen Wald ruft] — II. (Vollkommen ist die Stille) — III. (Leise sinkt an kahlen Mauern)
    Text is by Georg Trakl.

    Flight of the moon
    for: Flute, Soprano, Harp
    date: 1988

    Four antique Japanese dances
    for: Alto voice, Piano
    date: 1966
    Movements: Taigi — Buson — Sogetsu — Shiki

    Four figures of a drowned maiden: Ophelia
    for: Soprano, Speaker, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Harpsichord, Violin, Viola, Violoncello
    date: 1972
    Movements: Prologue: Requiem (Rilke, Block) — I. There is a willow (Shakespeare) — II. In a wild grove by a ravine (Block) — III. Sicilienne: Ophélie (Rimbaud) Recitative (Rilke) — IV. Concerning a drowned girl (Brecht) — Epilogue: The singer sings before the child of princes (Rilke)
    Texts from: William Shakespeare (Hamlet), Alexander Block (Ophelia), Arthur Rimbaud (Ophélie), Bertold Brecht (The drowned maiden), and Rainer Maria Rilke (Requiem).

    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1969

    Improvisations on the last words of Chief Seattle
    for: Speaker, Voice, Mime, Percussion, Mime-dancer
    date: 1977

    In memoriam: Benjamin Britten
    for: High Voice, Oboe, Violoncello
    date: 1977
    Text is by William Wordsworth.

    In memoriam Igor Stravinsky
    for: Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Violoncello
    date: 1971
    Text from: Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

    for: Voice, Piano
    date: 1988
    Text is by Lewis Carroll.

    Perfumed wasp
    for: Mezzo-soprano, Piano
    date: 1967
    Movements: The perfumed wasp — The solitude of violet leaves — Pale fern

    Petals from a burnished autumn
    for: Baritone, Piano
    date: 1967

    Portrait of Verlaine
    for: Voice, Oboe, Piano
    date: 1965
    Movements: Prelude — I. Verlaine (tres retrators con Sombra) — II. Verlaine (the child of the night) — Cadenza — Prelude — III. Tombeau de Verlaine

    Rain flute, soprano and piano March 22
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1965
    Movements: I. noon, dawn forgotten — II. without a sound — III. o how cold — IV. why? — V. old and young — VI. orchids — VII. mother, or reliving girl? — VIII. the girl grieving
    duration: 15 min.

    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: An die Schwester — Nähe des Todes — Amen Seis caprichos [sic]
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1968
    Movements: I. Adivinanza de la guitarra — II. Candíl — III. Crótalo — IV. Chumbera — V. Pita — VI. Cruz
    note: In 1973, this composition was transcribed for soprano and string quartet.

    Sebastian im Traum
    for: Soprano, Piano
    date: 1969
    Movements: I. Nachtlied — II. Untergang — III.Im Park
    Text is by Georg Trakl.
    note: In 1973, this composition was orchestrated for soprano, string quartet and harp.

    Shadows and dialogues of Melisande
    for: Soprano, Speaker, Oboe, Horn, Percussion, Violoncello
    date: 1973
    duration: 8:00
    Text is by Frederico García Lorca.

    Traceries, flute and voice
    for: Flute, Voice
    date: 1970
    Movements: Calypso — The red wheelbarrow — Spring — Breakfast — Willow poem — Mezzo forte — Detail — Epitaph — This is just to say — Prelude to winter — Calypso
    Texts are by William Carlos Williams.

    Tres Cantilenos in Blanc (White Cantilenas)
    date: 1973
    for: Soprano, Narrator, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Horn, Saxophone, Percussion, {Violins (2), Viola (1)} or {Violas (3)}, Violoncello
    Movements: I. Zarabanda para la fantasia de Jimenez — II. Tiento para el espejo de Narcisco — III. Dialogos y sombras de Melisande (Dialogues in shadows of Melisande)
    duration: 25:00
    Text is by Frederico García Lorca.

    Tres retratos con Sombra
    for: Soprano, chamber ensemble
    date: 197?
    Movements: I. Verlaine — II. Jimenez — III. Debussy
    Texts are by Federico García Lorca.

    for: Voice, Flute, Viola, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Piano, Percussion
    date: 1974
    Movements: Winds — Déha by the sea (Serbo-Croatia) — Si la nieve resbaia (Spain) — Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Britain, William Shakespeare) — The air was once about to die (German cabaret, Christian Morgenstern, translated by Neal Hatch) — Es pfeift der Wind — Mary on the Moor — The wind on the danube (Hungary) — La plume s'envole au vent (France) — A ship was sailing (Russian)

    Winter song
    for: Voice, Piano
    date: 1968
    Movements: Forgotten moon — Shivering night — Heron — Pale through spring


    Fall of the house of Usher
    for: Voice, Folk string player, Piano interior ("harpiano"), Magnetic tape, Mime
    date: 19??

    Masque of the Winter's tale
    for: Speaker, Sopranos (3, 1 solo + 2 supporting), Mezzo Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Guitar, Piano, Percussion
    date: 1976
    Movements: Part I: 1. Prelude: The court of Sicily — 2. Reverie: Ecco la primavera — 3. Cantilena: Che vuoi dolce mia vita — Refrain: Notte inquieta e d'orror piena — 4. Recitative: Do not weep, good fools — Arietta: Addio, Paulino, Addio — 5. The trial of Hermione — 6. The Imprecation — Part II: 7. Prelude: Down in Bohemia — 8. Round of the shepherdesses, Vale tobe mocny svete, when daffodils begin to peer, jog on, jog on — 9. Dance of the shepherds — 10. Recitative: Daffodils, that come — Refrain: Tam na brehu reky Detvy — 11. Melodeclamation: When you speak — 12. General dance and song: Lawn as white — 13. Lament: Shall I go mourn — Part III: 14. The chamber of Leontes: La Rondinella — 15. The arrival of the lovers: La Capona — 16. Corteo: Gram piant'agli occhi — 17. The miracle: Chedolce sono Orfeo — 18. Finale: Ecco la primavera

    Music for Gertrude (incidental music for ‘In the summer house')
    for: Oboe, English horn, Clarinet, Trumpet, Marimba, Harp
    date: 19??
    Play written by Jane Auer Bowles.

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: a mediaeval melodrama in four laisses
    for: Narrator, Soprano, Flute, Trumpet, Percussion, Harpsichord, Violin, Violoncello
    date: 1970
    Movements: I. Of Arthur's court and the Green Knight: 1. Prologue and ductia — 2. Galliard: The banquet of Arthur — 3. Of the Green Knight — 4. Chase: The game of Gawain — 5. Cantilena I: The fate of Gawain — II. Of the journey of Sir Gawain: 6. Preambulum: Of winter — 7. Ballata I: The season of summer — 8. Rondellus: The prayer of Gawain — 9. Two courtly dances: Basse and tourdion — 10. Ballata II: The route of Gawain — 11. Gymel: The sleep of Sir Gawain — III. Of the castle and sojourn of Sir Gawain: 12. Caccia the hunt — 13. Paraphonia: The temptation of Sir Gawain — 14. Reprise: The hunt — 15. Courtly dance: Estampie royale — 16. Reprise: The banquet — 17. Reprise: The sleep of Gawain — IV. Of the encounter and the return of Sir Gawain: 18. Reprise: Of winter — 19. Reprise: The fate of Sir Gawain — 20. Of the anger of Sir Gawain — 21. Cantilena II: The shame of Sir Gawain — 22. Epilogue and devise

    Twelfth night, incidental music, for 3 players
    for: Piccolo, Flute, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Harpsichord, Guitar, Violoncello
    date: 1972
    Text is by William Shakespeare.

    Wasteland, incidental music
    for: Voice, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Percussion, Autoharp
    date: 1972 or 3
    Text is by T. S. Eliot.


    Grapes (early romantic pieces)
    date: 1955-56
    The composite title for a collection of compositions, as well as the approximate years written. There was no specific order assigned.
    The compositions are:
    Variations on 6 of the twenty-four preludes (6, 12, 15, 18, 19, 22)
    Intermezzo—from the north
    Have I lost you—Waltz, for cello
    Valse ariette
    Waltz in D-flat (Valse Chopinesque)
    all for: Piano
    Waltz in B minor (Valse triste)
    for: Violoncello, Piano
    Nocturne G sharp
    for: Violin, Piano

    Hans Christian Andersen sketches and pieces:
    date: 1958-65
    The composite title for a collection of compositions, as well as the approximate years written. There was no specific order assigned. They are all based on stories of Hans Christian Andersen. The compositions are:
    Improvisation on Narcissus (I)
    for: Oboe, Trumpet, Percussion, Harp, Celeste, Strings
    December Revery
    for: Flute, Strings
    Fairy tales, for orchestra
    for: Orchestra
    Movements: Andre's dream — Waltz-from Andersen's time — The ugly duckling — The red shoes
    Intermezzo, strings and woodwinds
    for: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Strings
    Symphonic sketches based on Hans Christian Andersen: The little mermaid
    for: Orchestra
    Waltz, B minor
    for: Orchestra
    Wild swans, for flute and strings
    for: Flute, Strings
    Wild swans, for chamber group
    for: Oboe, Trumpet, Percussion, Celeste, Harp, Strings


    Listed by original composer. Incomplete works and sketches not included.
    (Also taken from the University at Buffalo Music Library's listings).

    Transcription for Chamber Orchestra

    J.S. BACH:
    Es ist genug
    Transcription for Piano
    Suite no. 4 for flute. Allegro
    Transcription for Piano
    Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1, fugue XVI
    Transcription for Orchestra

    Mikrokosmos. Excerpts
    Transcription for Violin, Piano

    Norma. Casta diva
    Transcription for Piano
    To be published as: Edition Peters No. 67954

    Ereszkedik le a felho
    Transcription for Piano

    Wozzeck. Excerpts from act III
    Transcription for Violin and Piano

    49 waltzes for the five boroughs
    Transcription for multiple players
    56 marches for Chicago
    Transcription for Piccolo, Piano

    El Salón México
    Transcription for Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Bass
    Piano compositions. Collection, partial
    American landscapes, set 1 and 2
    Transcription for String Quartet
    Sentimental melody
    Transcription for Violin and Piano
    Tango: Scene VII (from Hear Ye! Hear Ye!)
    Transcription for piano for the International Tango Collection

    Tic-toc-choc, ou Les Mailloyins
    Transcription for Piano

    Beau soir
    Transcription for Piano
    Pelléas et Mélisande. Intermezzo and final scene
    Transcription for Piano
    To be published as: Edition Peters No. 67953
    Transcription for Cello and Piano
    Edited by Frances Marie Uitti
    Preludes, book 1
    Transcription for Violin and Piano
    "Transcribed by Thomas Halpin and Yvar Mikhashoff"

    Sufferings of the Queen of France
    Transcription for Violin, Viola, Piano

    Soneto a Córdoba
    Transcription for Voice and Piano

    Nocturne, no. 10
    Transcription for Horn and Piano

    Two Hearts
    Transcription for Cello and Piano

    Ecco, moriro dunqu e; Moro lasso al mio duolo
    "Two Madrigals transcribed for five strings and five wind-instruments, in antiphony. A supplementary soprano line by the composer presents poems by Emily Dickinson"

    Transcription for Piano

    Ponteios [no. 33, 24, 7]
    Transcription for Trumpet and String Quartet

    Italian cantatas. Figlio dalte speranze; Brillava protetto
    Transcription for Violin and Piano

    Children's suite
    Transcription for Flute, Bassoon, Guitar, Violin, Violoncello or Horn, Bass

    Transcription for Flute, melody instrument (Oboe), Piano (off stage), Violins (3), Violas (2), Violoncellos (2), Bass, off stage Horn
    Ann street
    Transcription for Flute, Trumpet, Bass Trombone (or Saxophone or Horn), Piano, Percussion
    Transcription for Clarinet or Oboe, English Horn or Clarinet, Trumpet, Bassoon
    Transcription for Melody (Flute or Cornet), Piano, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Harp, Violins (3), Viola, Violoncello, Double bass, off stage Horn
    Transcription for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Chimes, Drums, Piano, Violins (3), Viola, Violoncello, Bass

    Transcription for Piano (left hand), Flute, Trumpets (2), Trombones (3), Tenor Tuba

    Jonny spielt auf
    Movements: Shimmy — Ballad — Tango — Jonny's Caper — Four lovers — Blues — Entr'acte — Anita and Max — Foxtrot — Mountain interlude — Jazz — Grand finale
    Transcription for Violin, Clarinet, Piano

    Rhapsodies hongroises. No. 19
    Transcription for Piano

    Symphony no. 5. Adagietto
    Transcription for Piano

    Transcription for Piano

    Pesni i pliaski smerti. Trepak
    Transcription for Piano

    Sonatina para piano
    Transcription for Piano, 4-hands
    Published: Edition Peters No. 66990
    Sonatina para piano
    Transcription for Pianos (2)
    Published: Edition Peters No. 66990a
    Selected Studies
    Transcription for Chamber Ensemble
    (late 1980s-early 1990s)
    Recorded: Ensemble Modern)
    Study #3d, for player piano
    Transcription for Piano
    Study no. 15
    Transcription for Piano
    Study no. 15
    Transcription for String Quartet
    Three 2 part studies
    Transcription for Piano

    Transcription for Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin

    Madama Butterfly
    Portrait of Madame Butterfly: an operatic sonata fantasy on themes of Puccini in four parts
    Transcription for Piano
    Tosca. Vissi d'arte Aria from Act II of Tosca
    Transcription for Piano
    Published: Edition Peters No. 67951
    Trittico. Trittico fantasy
    Transcription for Piano
    Published: Edition Peters No. 67952

    L'Enfant et les sortilèges. Valse Américaine
    Valse Américaine
    Transcription for Piano

    Mazurka, no. 2
    Transcription for Piano

    Cinq grimaces
    Transcription for Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Double bass
    Sports et divertissements
    Transcription for Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Violoncello

    Kinderszenen. "Scenes from childhood"
    Transcription for Oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

    Schweigsame Frau. Minuet from act II, scene 1 Minuet
    Transcription for Piano

    Norwegian moods. No. 2 and 3
    Transcription for Pianos (2)

    Pique - Dame. Act 3, scene 5 Apparition scene
    Transcription for Piano

    Sonata, piano, no. 2 (1929) Portrait of the artist as a young man
    Transcription for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, English horn, Percussion, Celesta, Violin, Violoncello
    Synthetic Waltzes
    Transcription for Clarinet, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Piano, Violins (2), Viola, Violoncello, Double bass

    Awake or asleep: Pierre Mabille
    Transcription for Oboe, Piano
    Bugles and birds: Portrait of Picasso
    Transcription for Violoncello, Piano
    Fanfare for France (Max Kenna)
    Transcription for Violoncello (or Violin), Piano
    Fugue; Poltergeist: A portrait of Hans Arp
    Transcription for Violin, Piano
    Karen Brown Waltuck: Intensely two
    Transcription for Violoncello (or Violin), Piano
    Music for a merry-go-round: portrait of Rodney Lister
    Transcription for Violin, Piano
    Pastorale: A portrait of Copland
    Transcription for Violin, Piano
    Pastorale: A portrait of Jean Ozenne
    Transcription for Oboe, Clarinet, English horn, Bassoon
    Three portraits
        1 - Madame Dubost Chez Elle
        2 - Russell Hitchcock Reading
        3 - Ettie Stettheimer
    Transcription for Trombone, Viola, Violoncello

    Rigoletto concert fantasy
    Transcription for Piano
    Rigoletto. Caro nome
    Transcription for Piano

    Man with the footsoles of wind. Striding dance
    Transcription for Piano

    Symphony, B minor. Movement III
    Transcription for Violin, Violoncello, Piano

    numerous incomplete works, sketches, etc. All included in Buffalo collection.

    "Europera 5," liner notes to recording, John Cage: Europera 5, Mode 36 (1994).
    "UB's Feldman: One of a Musical Kind," Buffalo News, October 4, 1987.
    "Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2 ('Concord')," liner notes to recording, Spectrum SR 120 (1980).

    (All as performer except where noted):

    Alvin Curran: For Cornelius, The Last Acts of Julian Beck, Schtetl Variations, Mode 49 - Edition Yvar Mikhashoff 1 (1995).
    Richard Strauss: The Melodramas 1, Mode 78 - Edition Yvar Mikhashoff 2 (1999).
    Incitation to Desire: Tangos for Yvar Mikhashoff, New Albion NA 073 (1995).
    John Cage: Europera 5, Mode 36 (1994).
    Conlon Nancarrow: Studies, Ensemble Modern, Ingo Metzmacher, conductor, arrangements by Yvar Mikhashoff for chamber orchestra of Nancarrow's Studies for Player Piano, RCA Victor (BMG) 09026-61180-2.
    Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mantra, Yvar Mikhashoff and Roslind Bevan, pianos, New Albion NA 025 (1990).
    Virgil Thomson: Early and as Remembered, New Albion NA 034.
    "Acid Rain," Yvar Mikhashoff, keyboards, with ensemble, Michael Gordon: Big Noise from Nicaragua, CRI CD 636.
    "Embrace," Yvar Mikhashoff, piano, Andrew Toovey: The Juniper Tree, Largo 5141.
    "Durations 2," Yvar Mikhashoff, piano, Rohan de Saram, cello, Morton Feldman: Orchestra Works & Chamber Music, Col Legno 20506.

    The Waltz Project, Nonesuch D-79011 (1981).
    Danish Piano Music, Paula 28 (1983).
    Charles Ives: Piano Sonata No. 2 ("Concord"), Spectrum SR 120 (1980).
    James Sellars: Concertorama, Spectrum SR 310 (1986).
    Virgil Thomson: Sixty Years of Piano Music, Spectrum SR 153 (1982).
    Works of Lukas Foss and Henry Mollicone, CRI SD 442 (1981).
    Piano Sonatas by Hunter Johnson, Robert Palmer and Jack Beeson, CRI SD 464 (1982).


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