(encompassing rock, folk, rap, cabaret, jazz, disco, etc.)

This list has been compiled by Dan Martin with assistance from JD Doyle, Clarion Hesse, Ed Mannix, and the members of Outmusic and Outvoice.

  • * denotes artist whose death was AIDS-related (refer to composer catalogue entries for further source information)
    ** denotes artist living with HIV/AIDS


    SUSAN ABOD: Soliliquy, from In the Moment. www.susanabod.com

    TRAVIS JOHN ALFORD*: Weep Below The Waist, from Lucky Pierre—World Domination (1996)

    PETER ALLEN*, MICHAEL CALLEN*, MARSHA MALAMET: Love Don't Need A Reason (1987)
        from Peter Allen: Making Every Moment Count—RCA (1980)
        from Michael Callen: Purple Heart—Significant Other SO 881 (1989)
        from Marsha Malamet on A Love Worth Fighting For—Streeter Music CD 1001
        from The Boy From Oz: original cast recording and Broadway cast recording
        from Christine Andreas: Love Is Good (1997)
        from Brenda Cochrane: Native New Yorker
        from Barbara Cook: Live from Lincoln Center—DRG (1994)
        from Loretta Holloway: Quietly (1996)
        from Robert Leuze: Songs of Our Lives—CP CD 9801 (1998)
        from Lynn Manuell: Return to Love
        from Bill McKinley: Everything Possible
        from Holly Near: Edge (2000)
        from Tom Postilio: What Matters Most (1993)
        from Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC: Singing Free (1997)
        from Minnesota Gay Men's Chorus: Singing Out
        from New York City Gay Men's Chorus: Love Lives On (1991)
        from Seattle Gay Men's Chorus: The Pink Album (1996)
        from Turtle Creek Chorale: Family (1995)

    PETER ALSOP: Gotta Lotta Living To Do, from Feeding the Flame: Songs by Gay Men to End AIDS—Flying Fish CD 70541 (1990) www.peteralsop.com

    AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB: All Your Jeans Were Too Tight, from No Alternative—Arista (1993) www.redhot.org

        A Family Of Friends, from Listen (2001) www.jamieanderson.com
        Safe Sex Slut, from Wayne Barker: Don't Mess With Mary—Aboveground
        Records CD 107 (1994)

    TOM ANDERSON, DAVID CAMPBELL: Yard Sale, from Taking the Wheel—Philips CD 537936 (1997)

    CHRISTIAN ANDREASON: Everybody Else, from The Storybook Collection www.AllAboutChristian.com

    MEIRA ASHER: SIDA from Dissected—Crammed Discs (1995)

    DAVID BAERWALD: AIDS and Armageddon, from Triage—A&M (1992)

    HEYWOOD BANKS: A Song For Warren, from If Pigs Could Fly (1990)

    NEIL BARTLETT: Can You Hear Me

    DAN BERN: Cure For AIDS, from Fifty Eggs Work CD 67870 (1998) www.danbern.com

    RUBEN BLADES: The Letter
        from Ruben Blades: Nothing But The Truth—Elektra (1988)
        from Heather Bishop: Live www.heatherbishop.com

    BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS, KRS-ONE (KRIS PARKER): Jimmy, from By All Means Necessary - Jive (1988)

    BILLY BRAGG: Trust, from Don't Try This at Home - Electra (1999)

    JOHN WOLF BRENNAN, CORINA CURSCHELLAS: AIDS from Entupadas—Creative Works (1985)

    KELLY BRENNAN: Unknown Soldiers, from A Thousand Times Yes (1995)

    BRONSKI BEAT: Dr. John, from Truthdare Doubledare—MCA (1986)

    TOM BROWN*: Jonathan Wesley Oliver, Jr. (1988)
        from Capitol City Men's Chorus: Silent—CCMC (1998)
        from A Love Worth Fighting For performed by Lee Lessack—Streeter Music
        CD 1001 (1995) www.streetermusic.com
        from Lee Lessack—LML Music CD 101 (1995) www.lmlmusic.com

        Do Not Turn Away, from Flirtations: Three (1996) from Michael Callen:
        Legacy—Significant Other SO 951 (1996) members.aol.com/sigothinc/
        Until The Balance Tips, from Solitude Lessons—Art Food Music CD 117 (2001)
        from Feeding the Flame: Songs by Gay Men to End AIDS
        Flying Fish Records FF 70541 (1990) www.johnbucchino.com

    CHARLES HOSS BURNS: It Won't Be Long, from The Daniel Murphy Project—Positive Action Label (1998)

    SUSAN BUSH: Fly With Me, from Susan Bush—SEB CD 001 (1998)

        How To Have Sex, from Purple Heart—Significant Other SO 881 (1989)
        Living In Wartime, from Purple Heart—Significant Other SO 881 (1989)
        from The Flirtations Live-Out On The Road—Flirt CD1002 (1992)
        We've Had Enough, from Legacy—Significant Other SO 951 (1996)

    MICHAEL CALLEN*, MARSHA MALAMET: The Healing Power Of Love from Michael Callen: Legacy—Significant Other SO 951 (1996) members.aol.com/sigothinc/

    JOHN CALVI: For The Ones Who Aren't Here, from Suede: Easily Suede (1988) www.suedewave.com

    TOM CARLISLE: Goodnight Sweet Prince, from Follow Your Star—Destination Records www.destinationrecords.net

    MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER: Willy Short, from Red Hot + Country—Mercury Nashville (1994) www.redhot.org

    ALEX CHILTON: No Sex, from Nineteen Years - A Collection—Rhino (1991)

    KEITH CHRISTOPHER*: Heal Me; Pieces Of Lives; Someday Soon, from Naked Truth—Significant Other CD 981 (1998) members.aol.com/sigothinc/

        Eat It, from Be More Like Me—Wild Monk Records (1995)
        Geriatriphilia, from Your Free Gift—Show Dog Tunes CD 03 (2002)
        God, from Hard Candy—Beauty/Mercury www.davidclement.com

    LEONARD COHEN: Song Of Bernadette
        from Famous Blue Raincoat (duet with Jennifer Warnes)—Cypress (1986)
        from Bette Midler: Bathhouse Betty—Warner Bros (1998)

    BENJAMIN CONE, JR: AIDS, from The House Is Open—Malaco (2000)

    CONEHEAD BUDDHA: The Trilogy, from I Wanna Be Like...You—Big Fish Records (1996)

    DAVID "RIVER" CONLEY: Surf AIDS, from Tree: Plant a Tree or Die—Cherrydisc Records (1994)

    JULIAN COPE: Safe Surfer, from Peggy Suicide—Virgin (1991

    ALIX COREY, DAVID FRIEDMAN: You're There, from Phillip Officer: Winter Moon—Streeter Music CD www.streetermusic.com

        from Microdisney: Crooked Mile—Virgin (1986)
        from Microdisney: The Sleeping House—Virgin (1995)

    RODNEY CROWELL: Wandering Boy, from The Houston Kid—Sugarhill CD 1065 (2001)

    CRUISE CONTROL: No Condom, No Sex (single)—Sire (1988)

    DIANNE DAVIDSON: Killer Without a Heart, from Breaking All the Rules

    DEEP DICKOLLECTIVE: Vaxicran (MedicineGoDown), from BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomo— Sugartruck (2001)

    ED DIAMOND: AIDS, from God is Gay—Gig Music (1998)

    JOAQUIM DIMANDE: AIDS (But Hope), from Mabulu: Soul Marrabenta—Riverboat (2001)

    DUTCHBOY: Do What You Wanna Do (featuring Steve Langley, Tim'm T. West), from DL—Stop AIDS Project (2002) www.stopaids.org

    EXUDE, FRANK ROGALA: Safe With You, from Safe With You—Integrated Entertainment (1987) www.nc17music.com

    FALLOUT: AIDS Charade, from Various Artists: We Won't Take No More—Go Kart (2001)

    JIM FERRAND: Cover Me, from January Sun—Miles to Go (2000)

    SALLY FINGERETT: Home Is Where the Heart Is
        from Unraveled (1991) www.sallyfingerett.com/
        from Four Bitchin' Babes: Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me, Don't Mess Up
        My Hair
    —Philo (1991) www.fourbitchinbabes.com/

    CATHY FINK: Names, from Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

    TORI FIXX: Take Care Of U, from ReFIXX—Adyssi Records CD (2002) www.torifixx.com

    RICHARD FOLTZ: The Heart of the Holiday, from Steve Cohen: A Songwriter's Christmas—Sweet William Music (1996)

    FORGOTTEN REBELS: AIDS, from Surfin' on Heroin—Restless (1988)

    MICHAEL FRANTI: Positive, from Spearhead: Home (1994)

        AIDS Dementia; Bad Dream; Placebo; Walker; When I Was Alive, from
        Getting Off—Leather/Western (1997)
        Leather Ghosts; Pride; The Living Dead, from The Living Dead
        Leather/Western (1999) www.scottfree.net

    SCOTT FREEDMAN: Dominoes, from Anything Worth Mentioning (2001) www.scottfreedman.com

    RACHELLE GAMIEZ: Little Fish, from When Love is Right—DS

    BOY GEORGE: Il Adore, from Cheapness and Beauty—Virgin (1995) www.veryboygeorge.com

    JON GINOLI, TREBOR HEALEY: Denny, from Pansy Division: Deflowered—Lookout Records CD 87 www.pansydivision.com

    RICKY IAN GORDON: A Positive Song About Being Gay—Tom Bogdan, tenor, from A Love Worth Fighting For—Streeter Music CD 1001 (1995)

    GREGORY GRAY: Three Minute Requiem, from Euroflake in Siverlake—EMI CD 34358 (1995

    BRIAN GRILLO**: Goddamn Beautiful World; Seven Years Ago, from Extra Fancy: Sinnerman—Atlantic 82897-2 (1996)

    FRANK GRIMALDI: Here We Go Again, from Walking Backward—Emphatic Records CD 001 (1996) www.emphaticrecords.com

    STEVEN GROSSMAN*: Step; Something In The Moonlight, from Steven Grossman 1991 recording—Significant Other (2004) members.aol.com/sigothinc/

    GWEN GUTHRIE: Can't Love You Tonight (1987)

    DEBORAH HARRY: Forced To Live, from Def Dumb and Blonde—Sire (1989)

    THE HIGH: P.W.A. from Somewhere Soon—Polydor (1990)

    BRUCE ROBERT HOWARD ("Doctor Robert"): Digging Your Scene, from Blow Monkeys: Animal Magic— RCA (1986)

    MITCHELL HOWARD: Black Balloons, from Someday—Cling Peaches Music CD (2002) www.MitchellHoward.com

    JANIS IAN: When Angels Cry, from A Love Worth Fighting For—Streeter Music CD 1001 (1995) www.streetermusic.com

    APACHE INDIAN: AIDS Warning from No Reservation—Island (1992) www.karmasound.com/artists/apache/

        from No Surrender—Rass (1992)
        from Dreaming—Heartbeat (1995)

        Dancing With Angels, from The Calloused Heart Collection—cassette
        Slip Away, from The Fine Print—CD www.markislam.com

        Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes, from Songs from the West Coast
        Rocket/Universal (2001)
        The Last Song, from The One—Universal

    RICHARD JULIAN: Charlie Lewis, from Richard Julian—Blackbird CD 62014 (1997)

    THOMAS KEENE: Name On The Quilt, from The Old Vienna Tapes, Vol. 1—Old Vienna CD 92-1 (1992)

    JOHN KELLY**: Wigstock (adaptation of "Woodstock" by Joni Mitchell), adapted and performed by John Kelly** in the film Wigstock (not included on the soundtrack release)

        Common Threads, from Family Values—Family Values (1996)
        Safe Sex, from Wrinkle in Time—RDP CD 93 (1993)

    STEVEN KERRY: Exodus, from Stain'd Glass: Family Values—LML Music CD 119 (2000) www.lmlmusic.com/

        Each Other's All; I Feel Nothing, from Bodies of Water—Know More Secrets
        005 (2000)
        Common Ground; Dreaming of Iolo; Michael (in memory of Michael Callen); On
        The Dream Side Of The River, from Let Love Out Know—Know More Secrets
        003 (1994) www.knowmoresecrets.com

    SANDY KNOX, STEFVEN ROSEN: She Thinks His Name Is John, from Reba McEntire: Read My Mind—MCA (1994)

    LISA KOCH: Light Of A Memory, from Colorblind Blues www.heylisa.com

    FEMI KUTI: Stop AIDS, from Fight To Win—MCA (2001)

    PATTI LaBELLE: I Can Fly, from Be Yourself—MCA (1989)

    MICHELLE LANCHESTER: Patchwork Quilt
        from Sweet Honey in the Rock: In This Land—Earthbeat! (1992)
        from Bev Grant: Fabric of Life, Volume One—MAH CD 096 (1996)
        from Keali'i Reichel: E O Mai—Atlantic (1997)

    PATTY LARKIN, LIVINGSTON TAYLOR: The Thread Of Life, from Circles in the Stream—UMB (1988) www.pattylarkin.com

    JOHN LATOUR: People Are Still Having Sex, from LaTour—Smash (1991)

        Boy Blue, from True Colors—Epic (1986)
        Say A Prayer, from Sisters of Avalon—Epic (1997)

    LYNN LAVNER: Such Fine Young Men, from I'd Rather Be Cute—Bent cassette 81369 (1986)

    PAUL LOCKWOOD: Positive, from Positive—Endurance Records CD (2000) enzowalker@aol.com

    MADONNA: In This Life, from Erotica—Sire (1992)

    BEENIE MAN: AIDS Veteran, from Y2K—Artists Only (1999)

    MARK & DAN: Is It Over Yet, from Man of My Dreams—Halogen CD 677897 (2000)

        The Dance; Into The Light; from Homo Love Song—cassette (1990)
        Lay Your Burden Down, from A Love Worth Fighting For—Streeter Music
        CD 1001 (1995) www.streetermusic.com
        So Many/Lay Your Burden Down, from Human Being—cassette (1992)

    McCARTHY: God Made The Virus, from I Am A Wallet—September Records (1987)

    TOM McCORMACK: Time Of Our Times, from Missing—Spotted Dog CD (1995) www.tommccormack.com

        Days of Hope and Circumstance (song cycle) (1996) www.andymonroe.com
        Slivers Of Ice, from Outloud—Colourfinder CD (1999)

    GEOF MORGAN: High Risk, from Talk it Over—Flying Fish LP 436 (1987)

    MORRISSEY, JOHNNY MARR: Death Of A Disco Dancer, from The Smiths: Strangeways, Here We Come—Sire (1987)

    GUSTAVO MOTTA*: The Green Monkey (1986)

    BOB MOULD: Can't Fight It, from No Alternative—Arista (1993)

    MUSICBEAR: Flowers for Mary, from Buddy—Ski Hill Records CD 62302 (2003) http://home.attbi.com/~musicbear

    JOHN OUTLAW*: Down At The Drugstore (1990). Recorded (release information unknown).

    DREW PARALIC: Too Little, Too Late, from Too Little, Too Late (2001)

        Dreaming of the Queen, from Very—Capital (1993)
        Your Funny Uncle, from Alternative—Capital (1995)

    JOHN RAYMOND POLLARD Flesh And Spirit, from Sand Surf Sea & Sky (2000) www.johnpollard.com

    PRINCE: Sign O' The Times, from Sign o' the Times—Warner Bros (1987)

    SPARKY T. RABBIT: Lament For The Queer Dead, from Lunacy: Hand of Desire (1991)

    RAINBOW FLAVA: Undercover Freak, from Rainbow Flava Soundsystem—Phat Family Records (1998) www.rainbowflava.com

    TOSHI REAGON: Foolish Attitudes
        from Justice—Flying Fish Records (1990) www.toshireagon.com
        from Castlebrry-Dupree: Hot Corn in the Fire—Ladyslipper (1994)

    LOU REED: Halloween Parade, from New York—Sire (1989)

    JALLEN RIX: Disease Forshadow, from The Sacred and the Queer—Triam Music (1995) www.rixartz.com

    TOM ROBINSON: Blood Brother, from We Never Had It So Good—(1990). www.tomrobinson.com

        Living with AIDS; On The Safe Side, from Emotional Rollercoaster—Fresh Fruit
        No False Hope, from Be Political, Not Polite—Fresh Fruit (1991)

        My Brother Lived In San Francisco
        from Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens (1993)
        from Joan Ryan—LML Music CD 107 (1999) www.lmlmusic.com
        from Karen Akers: Live—DRG Records (1997) www.drgrecords.com
        from Voices for Life (fundraising disc with various artists), sung by Deborah
        Boily (2003)—VFL, Goshen College.
        Angels, Punks And Raging Queens, from Flirtations: A Love Worth Fighting
    —Streeter Music CD 1001 (1995) www.streetermusic.com

        Let's Talk About AIDS (adaptation of Let's Talk About Sex)
        I've Got AIDS, from Very Necessary—London (1993)

    BEN SCHATZ: AZT, Begoña's Song, from The Kinsey Sicks: Dragapella!—Kinsey Sicks (2001)

    ROBERT SCHROCK, STEPHEN BATES: Kris, Look What You've Missed, from Naked Boys Singing (original cast)—Café Pacific CD 1210 (1998)

    ERICK SERMON: Safe Sex (1994) from No Pressure—Def Jam

    SIBEBA: SIDA, from Hijas Del Sol—Intuition (1996)

    JOSEPH VICTOR SIEGER: The Boys in the Backroom, from Self-Portrait (1993)

    GARY SIMMONS: In Our Lifetime, from Potomac Fever: In Our Lifetime—PF CD (1998)

    JUDY SMALL: A Man Among Men, from Let the Rainbow Shine, and from Second Wind www.judysmall.net

    SMASHING PUMPKINS: Glynnis, from No Alternative—Arista (1993)

    PATTI SMITH: Memorial Tribute, from No Alternative—Arista (1993)

    WILLIE SORDILLO: Feeding The Flame, from Feeding the Flame—Flying Fish CD 70541 (1990)

    SOUNDGRADEN: H.I.V. Baby, from Born To Choose—Rykodisc (1993)

    JAY SPEARS: Positive, from Boy Howdy (2002) www.jayspears.com

    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: Streets Of Philadelphia
        from Philadelphia (soundtrack)—Epic 57624 (1993)
        from Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Hits—Columbia (1995)
        from Richie Havens: The Envelope Please—Rhino CD 71868 (1995)

        ACT UP; HIV Blues, from Outband: Out in the Country—DS (1993)
        On This Bed, from Doug Stevens and Outband: When Love Is Right—DS CD

    MARTIN SWINGER: Something Like Goodbye, from Singin' OUT!—cassette (1994) www.martin.swinger.net

        Tragedy, from Elegies—Urban Productions CD (1999)
        We Are The Haunted, from Godless—private CD (1996)
        from James Mike: Finding Red Siren www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/sidekick/29/

    LUC VAN ACKER: AIDS, from Taking Snapshots, Vol. 2—FCR (1996)

    SUZANNE VEGA: Blood Makes Noise/Bad Wisdom, from 99.9 F—A&M (1992)

    VELVET MAFIA: Her Infinite Vanity (HIV), from We Know Where You Live—Trip Records (1998) www.tripnet.com

    BILL VON HONE, DAVID BRUNET: Names (1989) BillPlay@aol.com

    MARK WALDROP, DICK GALLAGHER: Laughing Matters, from Bette Midler: Bathhouse Betty—Warner (1998)

    WARPATH: Silence = Death

        I Remember, from Out of the Loop—Pet-A-Luma CD 656836 (2002)
        If It Wasn't Love; Two Cowboy Waltz, from The Truth Is—private CD 656836

    TOM WILSON WEINBERG: Experts, from Feeding the Flame (comp)—Flying Fish CD 70541 (1990)

    TIM'M T. WEST Positive, from DL—Stop AIDS Project (2002) www.stopaids.org

    ROBB WILLIAMS: What More Can I Say? (1998)

    WILLIAMS BROTHERS: Don't Look Now, from Harmony Hotel—Warner Bros CD 45421 (1993)

        In the Best Interests of the Children, from Postcards from Paradise
        Mother, Mother, from Country Blessed
            from Michael Callen: Legacy—Significant Other SO 951 (1996)

    YELLOWMAN (Winston Foster): AIDS, from Yellowman Rides Again—RES (1988)

    YOLANDA: Right To Surrender, from Yolanda and the Plastic Family: Welcome to Yolanda World www.yolanda.net

    SARAH YOUNG: Dear Sarah (words by Jimmy Sindoni) (1992) from Sudden Sunsets: Highlights from the Benson Series—Leonarda (2004)


    "FEEDING THE FLAME: SONGS BY MEN TO END AIDS"—Flying Fish Records FF 70541 (1990)
        PETER ALSOP: Gotta Lotta Living To Do
        JOHN BUCCINO: Until The Balance Tips
        MICHAEL CALLEN*: Crazy World
        THE FLIRTATIONS: The Flirt Song
        GARY LABPOW: Right Behind Your Eyes
        GEOF MORGAN: What Part Of No
        ROMANOVSKY & PHILIPS: One Of The Enemy
        ABE RYEBECK: I Can Take A Hint
        PETE SEEGER: Hills Of Glenshee; Suite Early Morning
        FRED SMALL: All The Time In The World
        WILLIE SORDILLO: Feeding The Flame
        JOSH WHITE, JR: Say A Prayer For A Stranger
        TOM WILSON WEINBERG: Experts

    "HEARTKEYS: THE AIDS MEMORIAL ALBUM"—Rising Star Records (1995)
        LORIE LINE: Threads Of Love
        MARTIN WENBERG: In Memoriam
        TOM BARABAS: Kaleidoscope
        DAVE CATNEY*: Reality Road
        STEVEN HALPERN: Celestial Prophecy
        GERALD L. STACY**: One Day
        JOHN SMATIA: Emmet's Theme
        LIBERACE* (arr.): I'll Be Seeing You
        LEE GANNON*: When My Head Spins
        GEORGE SKAROULIS: I Think Of You
        DI SCHERLING: Tears Get In The Way
        PAUL SULLIVAN: Sky Full Of Stars
        JIM DUCKWORTH: The Gift

        I Want To Make Music
        Save Me A Seat
        Somebody's Friend
        The Group
        Going It Alone
        Friendly Fire
        At Least I Know What's Killing Me
        When You Care
        Will It Always Be Like This? (Gabi's Song)
        William's Song (Five Great Big Guys)
        Where Is God
        A Simple Faith

    "SPIRIT OF AFRICA"—Real World (2001)
        PAPA WEMBA: Awa Y'okeyi (If You Go Away)
        MARYAM MURSAL: Somali Udiida Ceb (Somalia, Don't Shame Yourself)
        OMAR PENE: Saï Saï Sida (AIDS The Devil)
        MZWAKHE MBULI: Kulusizi Emhlabeni (It's Sad In This World)
        YOUSSOU N'DOUR: Xale (Our Young People)
        ASSITAN KEITA: Sima
        AYUB OGADA: 10% (Spirit Mix)
        BERNARD KABANDA: Kasennyanku (The Firewood Collector)
        REMMY ONGALA: Mambo Kwa Soksi (Things With Socks)
        HAMID BAROUDI: Baraka
        IMBIZO: Zulu Khayalami (Heaven Is My Home)
        ZAWOSE & BROOK: Kuna Kunguni (The Bedbugs Bite)
        DRUMMERS OF BURUNDI: Extract

  • INTRODUCTION by Joseph Dalton
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