The Virtual Collection is a database of high quality images representing the works of artists with HIV/AIDS. It uses advanced technology to bring together and make immediately accessible a large collection of art, which otherwise would require sifting through thousands of slides. With the ability to find and see these works of art in detail, the Estate Project will ensure continued access, presentation, and study of the cultural legacy created by the artistic community during the AIDS crisis.

The Virtual Collection can be viewed in two ways:

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  • The Virtual Collection is a collaboration representing the following collections:

    Visual AIDS, New York
    Visual AIDS, Boston
    Visual Aid, San Francisco
    L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center

    The creation of the Virtual Collection by the Estate Project would not have been possible without the resources and support of our partners. Many organizations and individuals participated in this project, but we are particularly grateful to the individual artists involved and to our founding partner and principal archival source, Visual AIDS.

    Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
    Robert D. Farber Foundation
    Photographers and Friends United Against AIDS
    City of Los Angeles, Office of the AIDS Coordinator
    Joseph Nicholson/Peter Spinelli
    Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro

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