NAME: King, Bruce

c. 1925

1 January 1993, New York City, age 67

Bruce King (second from left) with Viola Farber, Remy Charlip, Carolyn Brown, and Merce Cunningham in Cunningham's Nocturnes (1956).
Photo: Louis A. Stevenson Jr., courtesy of Cunningham Dance Foundation.

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    A dancer, choreographer, and teacher, Bruce King performed with Merce Cunningham from 1955 to 1958 and went on to choreograph independently for his own company in the 1970s. He served as an artist-in-residence at various universities and taught regularly at Adelphi University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He died from AIDS-related causes.

    No executor identified.

    David Vaughan, archivist
    Cunningham Dance Foundation
    55 Bethune Street
    New York, New York 10014
    212-255-8240 ext 29
    212-633-2453 (fax)

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    None identified.

    (location, format, condition, assessment):

    The following videotapes are available for viewing at the Dance Collection of the New York Public Library:

    Bruce King Dance Technique (1964-65)—compilation of four motion pictures originally recorded on 8 mm film by See-Do Productions; beginning-level modern dance instruction demonstrated by Bruce King; one VHS cassette (16 min.); call number MGZIA 4-1186.

    Bruce King Pilates Workshops (1988)—edited footage of two workshops in the Pilates method presented by Bruce King in Boulder, Colorado: the first held at Body Moves Student Center on April 13, 1988 (4 min.); the second presented as a teachers' workshop at the University of Colorado on April 16, 1988 (18 min.); one VHS (22 min.); call number MGZIA 4-1185.

    Dance on: Bruce King (1982)—videotaped for the public access cable television series Dance: With Billie Mahoney; taped on 28 March in New York City; producer, Billie Mahoney; director, Jon Hutcheson; interviewee: Bruce King; one 3/4 in. videocassette (28 min.); call number MGZIC 9-479.

    (location, format, condition, assessment):

    The following individually catalogued photographs can be found at the Dance Collection of the New York Public Library:

    King, Bruce 13 (1957)—photograph by W. H. Stephan; executing a leap in his Figures Caught; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 4 (1957)—photograph by W. H. Stephan; King executing a leap in Figures Caught; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 7 (1957)—photograph by W. H. Stephan; King posed in an attitude en avant; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 1 (1960)—photograph by Jack Mitchell; posed in the Very Quiet Episode from Five Short Dances; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 10 (1961)—photograph by Jack Mitchell; King with Bettina Dearborn in Children's Suite; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 11 (1961)—photograph by Jack Mitchell; King wearing doublet and hose in Children's Suite; call number MGZE.

    King, Bruce 2 (1960)—photograph by Bertha Clow; call number MGZE.

    (location, type [including notes taken by dancers], assessment):

    None identified.

    (scores, sound recordings, set/costume designs):

    None identified.

    The following oral history is held in the Dance Collection of the New York Public Library:

    King, Bruce (1985)—sound recording interviewed by Lesley Farlow 29 August, 3 & 17 September in New York City; four sound cassettes (5 hours, 20 min.); call number MGZTC 3-969; for transcript of interview see: call number MGZMT 3-969.

    (location of newspaper clippings, printed programs, press releases, notes, files, diaries; assessment):

    At the Dance Collection of the New York Public Library, see:

    Bruce King Dance Company; clippings file; call number MGZR.

    Bruce King Dance Company; programs and announcements; call number MGZB.

    (archival assistance? storage? other?):

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    None identified.

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